Monday, September 20, 2010

Tier 11 sets - preview

looks like they're releasing previews of tier 11 sets. This is the rogue set thus far, looks pretty cool.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hey all sorry I've been gone!

I had to finish writing some papers for class so starting tomorrow I'll be back and updating my blog!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to the Games

Sorry about yesterday's post, figured I'd throw it out there seemed like it could be cool but eh oh well.

ANYWAY new Dark Legacy comic made me laugh, how about you guys?

Saturday, September 11, 2010 it worth your time to restart?

Lately I've seen a lot of people say "Maybe I'll resub for cata" etc etc etc.

I realize WotLK had VERY easy content aside from some heroic content, and that it allowed EVERYONE to get close to the best gear possible right when they hit 80. This sucked. A lot. Don't you wish it were more like BC? Or Vanilla? Where you almost HAD to max your professions and do some REGULAR dungeons before going into raids and heroic 5 mans?

Well that's what's in store with cataclysm so. Lemme know is this awesome? Bad?

Personally I think going back to a style of having to work a little more for gear will be AWESOME.

Guild Achievements/Talents - Guild MOUNT?

Guild achievements look pretty sweet, as do the guild talents but I recently saw a picture of the Alliances guild mount and it looks amazing. What do you guys think?

You can find the picture on this site.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cataclysm - Archaeology?

Is anyone going to set aside other professions at first and level Archaeology first?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Woohoo over 100 followers!!

Thanks for all the comments and support guys! I'll continue to have video game related posts up soon. (Also youtube posts it seems)

Warrior and Hunter Tier 11 Concept art!

MMO-Champion released concept art for the Tier 11 of the Warrior and Hunter classes today.

Personally I play a warrior so I'm psyched, how do you all think they look?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Favorite YouTuber?

If you follow or subscribe to people on youtube, who would be your favorite person/people?

If you don't follow youtube to closely, what's you favorite video game?

Halo Reach???

Well Halo Reach will be coming out soon here in 7 days or so (from today). Anyone else excited? Looks like the online multiplayer will be a lot more fun than the previous Halo games. I only wish they'd release it for computer as well!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Has anyone thought of trying to become a YouTube partner? Join up with the more well known people on the interwebs and become a part of Hollyweb?

Considering making this blog a little more expansive...

So like the title says, I'm thinking about expanding the news on games that I post up here to games you guys request/popular games etc. What do you all think?

Is anyone else excited for Cataclysm????

Some of the new items I've been seeing in Beta forums are crazy. Cataclysm looks like it'll be awesome, thoughts? Opinions?

WoW Enchanting Guide!

Approximate Materials Required for 1-450:
    I don't recommend to buy everything before you get to that skill level where you need the materials.
  • 1 Copper Rod
  • 125 Strange Dust
  • 1 Lesser Magic Essence
  • 1 Silver Rod
  • 12 Greater Magic Essence
  • 9 Simple Wood
  • 25 Lesser Astral Essence
  • 122 Soul Dust
  • 1 Golden Rod
  • 1 Iridescent Pearl
  • 2 Greater Astral Essence
  • 163 Vision Dust
  • 1 Truesilver Rod
  • 1 Black Pearl
  • 20 Purple Lotus
  • 2 Greater Mystic Essence
  • 10 Lesser Nether Essence
  • 5 Greater Nether Essence
  • 15 Lesser Eternal Essence
  • 240 Dream Dust
  • 10 Illusion Dust
  • 1 Arcanite Rod
  • 1 Golden Pearl
  • 8 Greater Eternal Essence
  • 8 Large Brilliant Shard
  • 1 Fel Iron Rod
  • 350 Arcane Dust
  • 14 Greater Planar Essence
  • 13 Large Prismatic Shard
  • 20 Lesser Planar Essence
  • 15 Nighmare Vine
  • 15 Imbued Vial
  • 1 Primal Might
  • 1 Adamantite Rod
  • 1 Eternium Rod
  • 1 Titanium Rod
  • 742 Infinite Dust
  • 39 Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 52 Dream Shard
  • 124 Eternal Earth
  • 10 Crystallized Water

WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide 1 - 450

Before you start this Enchanting guide, first lets see which items gives what, when you disenchant it. Go to my Disenchanting Guide, there you can find all the information you need.
First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Apprentice Enchanting.
Check out my Enchanting guide 1-110. It's about leveling Enchanting from 1 to 110 with almost no cost at all.
I also recommend you to go to the Auction House right now and search for these recipes: [Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina] - [Formula: Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina]

50 - 135

Learn Enchanting Journeyman.
  • 90-100
    10 x [Enchant Bracer: Minor Stamina] - 30 Strange Dust
  • If the Strange Dust is cheap and the Greater Magic Essence is too expensive on your realm, you can make this Enchant up to 120.
  • 100-101
    1 x [Runed Silver Rod] - 1 Silver Rod, 6 Strange Dust, 3 Greater Magic Essence, 1 Runed copper Rod

135 - 200

Learn Enchanting Expert.
  • 155-156
    1 x [Runed Golden Rod] - 1 Golden Rod, 1 Iridescent Pearl, 2 Greater Astral Essence, 2 Soul Dust, 1 Runed Silver Rod
  • 156-185
    40 x [Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength] 80 Soul Dust
  • This one turns yellow at 165, however if 2 Soul Dust is a lot cheaper than 1 Lesser Mystic Essence, keep making these until 185. If it's not then at 165 switch to: 165-185 20 x [Enchant Bracer: Spirit] - 20 Lesser Mystic Essence

200 - 275

Learn Enchanting Artisan.
  • 204-205
    [Runed Truesilver Rod] 1 Truesilver Rod, 1 Black Pearl, 2 Greater Mystic Essence, 2 Vision Dust, 1 Runed Golden Rod
  • 250-260
    10 x [Lesser Mana Oil] - 30 Dream Dust, 20 Purple Lotus, 10 Crystal Vial Recipe sold by Kania at Silithus.
  • 299-300
    1 x [Runed Arcanite Rod] 1 Arcanite Rod, 1 Golden Pearl, 10 Illusion Dust, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 1 Runed Truesilver Rod, 2 Large Brilliant Shard - Recipe location

300 - 350

Go to Outland or Northrend and learn Enchanting Master. Click here for the trainer list.
  • 300-301
    1 x [Runed Fel Iron Rod] 1 Fel Iron Rod, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 6 Large Brilliant Shard, 1 Runed Arcanite Rod
  • 340-350
    15 x [Superior Wizard Oil] - 45 Arcane Dust, 15 Nighmare Vine, 15 Imbued Vial - Recipe location This recipe is yellow already when you learn it, so you might need to make 14-16.

351 - 450

Go to Northrend and learn Enchanting Grand Master. Click here for the trainer list.
From this point most of the Enchants will be REALLY expensive. You should put them on a Vellum or look for people who have the materials and tell them you will do the Enchant for free.
  • 375-376
    1 x [Runed Eternium Rod] - 1 Eternium Rod, 6 Greater Planar Essence, 6 Arcane Dust, 1 Runed Adamantite Rod
  • 425-426
    1 x [Runed Titanium Rod] - 1 Titanium Rod, 40 Infinite Dust, 12 Greater Cosmic Essence, 8 Dream Shard, 1 Runed Eternium Rod
  • 445-447 You can make this one up to 450 if you want to, it's basically free skill-ups since you're going to either use the Dusts/Essences anyway or you can sell them for more than you got the Crystals for.
    [Abyssal Shatter] - Abyss Crystal
  • 447-450 3 x [Enchant Boots - Greater Assault] - 12 Dream Shard, 12 Greater Cosmic Essence
    The recipe sold by Vanessa Sellers, she can be found in Dalaran, it costs 4 Dream Shard.

    Additional Info here: